From the Desk of Marcus Lamb: March 2017

From the Desk of Marcus Lamb: March 2017

Dear Partners & Friends,

I want to thank everyone who pledged in the recent Heart For The World. Knowing that you love Daystar and that you are standing with Joni & me, and the entire Lamb Family, means so much to us. We love you and appreciate you so very much!

And of course we greatly appreciate all of our existing Partners who are so faithful. We couldn’t do all that we do at Daystar without your help!

I want you to think about some of the many ways that your giving is making an impact through Daystar. Look at this partial list:

1) Taking the gospel to people in Prison
2) Taking the gospel to people in Nursing Homes
3) Taking the gospel to the shut-ins who can’t go to Church
4) Taking the gospel to lost souls who don’t go to Church
5) Taking the gospel into every city in America
6) Taking the gospel into every country of the World
7) Taking the gospel to God’s “Chosen People” in Israel!
8) Taking the gospel into Muslim countries
9) Taking the gospel into Buddhist countries
10) Taking the gospel into Hindu countries
11) Bringing 24 hours a day of good news to encourage & strengthen Christians
12) Supporting Missions around the World (Millions given every year!)
13) Helping financially during natural disasters
14) Helping financially with social needs
15) Building a Platform for great Men & Women of God to increase the impact of their ministries
16) Providing a 24 hour a day Prayer Line (Over one million calls last year!)
17) Providing Christian entertainment
18) The daily “live” Marcus & Joni Show
19) The daily Joni, Table Talk Show
20) The daily Reflections Show
21) Gospel Music Showcase
22) Israel Now News
23) Video on Demand on the Daystar Website
24) “Live” remote broadcasts of major Christian Events
25) “Live” broadcasts from our Jerusalem, Israel TV Studio

Together, we are doing a lot! So thank you for being faithful this month to your pledge!

Yours For Christian Television, P.S. Be sure and send in your Prayer Requests
Marcus D. Lamb

  • betty mitchell

    Hi Marcus Lamb. you and your family do a good job on your television program for our lord God savior Jesus Christ work on your tv. program with all your view of people. on television show amen.

  • Matthew Sowash

    Hi Marcus,

    I wanted to share our Episode #1 of Season #4 of our TV show “Racing for Glory” that airs on the Christian Lifestyle Network every Wednesday night. I am hoping you will see some value in what we do.

    Here is the link.

    God Bless You!

    Matthew Sowash

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